August Rush: Acordes de This Time


august rush En los últimos meses me sorprendió bastante las cantidad de gente que entró a este blog buscando la letra del tema «This Time«, de la excelente película August Rush. Ahora sí, como había prometido hace un tiempo acá esta la letra de la canción con los acordes para tocar en la guitarra.

D2   Bm#5        D2   Bm#5   D2    Bm#5             D2   Bm#5
Tonight the sky above           reminds me of you, love
Em7                             D2       Bm#5
Walking through wintertime where the stars all shine
D2  Bm#5          D2   Bm#5   D2     Bm#5           D2  Bm#5
The angel on the stairs        will tell you I was there
Em7                              D2  Em7  F#m  Bm/G
Under the front porch light on a mystery night

Bm/G                                D2
I've been sitting watching life pass from the sidelines
Bm/G                            Em7
Been waiting for a dream to seep in through my blinds
Bm/G                           Bm#5
I wondered what might happen if I left this all behind
A                            Bm/G
Would the wind be at my back ? Could I get you off my mind
D2  Bm#5  (to interlude Bm/G  Em7  Bm/G Em7  Bm/G  Em7   Bm/G  Bm#5  A…)
This time

Verso 2:
The neon lights in bars and headlights from the cars
Have started a symphony inside of me
The things I left behind have melted in my mind
And now there's a purity inside of me


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